Saturday, December 5, 2015

November 2015 Prayer Update

The Bible talks about people’s mindset and personality in the last days. One of the judgements against them was that they were unthankful. It is essential for us that we maintain a heart, not just an attitude, of thankfulness. As we sat down to our wonderful Thanksgiving meal we reminded ourselves that we do not deserve any of the blessing of God that He has poured out upon us. Rather we deserve His wrath and judgement. Not just because of our sin and sin nature, but because of our inconsistency, complacency, and failures. Oh, the mercy and grace of God shown to us on a daily basis! Thank you, Lord!

This month has been busy literally from day one. Sunday the 1st we had the privilege to constitute the church here, La Iglesia Bautista de la Biblia (Baptist Church of the Bible). We were blessed to have my Dad, George Trask, come to represent our church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, in presenting the charter certificate to the church here, and also to preach. And we were also glad that Bro. Jerry Nye, a veteran missionary and longtime friend of our family, was able to come with him on this trip and preach as well. We had 7 members who met the qualifications to join the church on that special day. Of course, we had over 200 people in service that morning, including 3 churches from other villages that came in, as well as all of the Bible Institute students. We fed around 250 people for lunch, meat, rice, yucca, and Tang (koolaid). It was a good day, with several raising their hands that they knew they were lost. We have followed up with several of those, please continue to pray that the Lord will make clear to them that salvation is by grace thru faith, and not of works. That continues to be the hardest concept for them to grasp in regards to salvation. We enjoyed the days of fellowship with Dad and Bro. Nye, it was a great encouragement to us.
On Monday, Nov. 2nd, we started Institute classes for a three week session. We had 10 students, 1 of those being a returning graduate who is just coming for refresher courses. Despite the rainy season coming along in full force during this three week period, we had good classes as the men went thru the Old Testament Prophets with Bro. Rabisin, and thru the Book of Romans with me. The next session of the Bible Institute will be the end of January and into February.

Upon his return to the States, Bro. Nye saw a need and purchased for us a 10,000 watt diesel generator. This generator will be a huge blessing to us, the cost of diesel fuel is less than regular gas here, and it will provide more than ample power for us to run not only our house, but also the other buildings and multiple water pumps, etc., during the Bible Institute time and during meetings here. It is already in the process of being shipped down here, so that hopefully we can have it here for the next Institute session the end of Jan. Shipping cost is going to be right at a thousand dollars. If you would like to help with that cost, we are praying and trusting that the Lord will provide the need.

The week of Thanksgiving we spent getting things ready for the next three weeks of revival meetings and trips. The weekend of Dec. 3-6 is a revival meeting in the village of Kuri, where Bro. Rabisin pastors. There are 7 from our church here who are going, please pray for safety and that the meeting will be an encouragement to them.  Upon our return on Sunday evening, we will be bringing in 8 of the students, including Bro. Rabisin, in preparation for the trip upriver to Krausirpi and Pansana. We will have Monday to get things packed and loaded, buy the rest of the gas that is needed, and then on Tuesday, the 8th, myself, Levi and the 8 men, will be taking two boats upriver, and holding services on Wed. thru Fri. night, and Thursday and Friday in the mornings. Lord willing, our plan is to arrive in Pansana on Tuesday evening, get unloaded and set up, then on Wed., Levi will take 3 other men, and go to Krausirpi, which is about half an hour further upriver. They will set up for meeting there. Bro. Rabisin will be preaching the evenings in Krausirpi, and myself and Bro. Nichin will be preaching in Spanish in Pansana. For the morning services, Levi’s group will come down to Pansana and all the men will take turns preaching in Miskito. Pansana is a village of Spanish speaking men who have married Miskito wives. So we will be doing both languages, and also carrying in both Spanish Bibles and Miskito New Testaments, and both Spanish and Miskito hymnals, to give to each family in the village there. Please pray for both meetings, but especially for this village of Pansana, which is a mainly Catholic village, but without a Catholic church for some time. The people are open to us coming in, pray that the message of salvation will be received and that the Holy Spirit will work in hearts even now.

We are anticipating a few days of rest after these meetings, and praise the Lord for his continued provision and protection over our family during this very busy time. Please pray for Kayla, who has been in college in FL, she has been dealing with several health problems during her last semester. We praise the Lord for clearing up the mrsa/staph infection that she had, but she is still dealing with several other things. She has been very healthy up until this past year, so this is something new for us.  Please pray for wisdom for her and for us, to know what steps we are to take. Please continue to pray also for several pressing needs that we have, including the cost of shipping of the diesel generator. We are thankful that the Lord knows exactly what we need and we’re trusting Him to continue to supply.  We can’t thank you enough for your faithful prayers on behalf of our family, we know that makes all the difference.

In His Service,
Gene and Robin Trask and family